Fashion Trend For Spring Summer 2014: CROP TOPS

Spring is quickly creeping up on us, so get ready because crop tops are coming in strong for this year's 2014 spring style. Crop tops will be making a statement! They’ve been seriously trending for two straight warm seasons now, and I very much doubt they’re going anywhere any time soon.  Personally, I love this springy trend. When done right, the crop top is sexy, chic, and sophisticated all at the same time. But it’s also a tough one to pull off.  If you're like most of us and don't have a runway model physique, this trend can still fit your body.  Here are a few of my tips for wearing a crop top the right way…

Pairing a crop top with some high waisted pants is a great way to keep the exposed skin, but not fully expose your upper-midriff. Like so many other styles, wearing a crop top is all about proportion play. To strike a balance with your tinier top, wear a high-waisted skirt or high-rise trousers on the bottom. when creating a look with a top crop, make sure you always balance the look with the right bottoms.  That way, you can keep this trend feeling ladylike. Definitely no low-cut jeans!  Essentially, that means high-waisted pants or skirts are your crop top’s BFF.

Also, layering is a good way to only show what you're comfortable with. If your tummy feels too exposed with a bare midriff, try layering an open cardigan, jacket, or blazer over your top so that only a hint of skin is showing in the front. Not only will this make you feel a little more covered up, but it’s also a great way to keep this look weather appropriate during the cooler spring months.

Pair with a Pencil - Another key to pulling off the crop top is pairing it with a more conservative bottom. Since the pencil skirt is a sleek and sophisticated style, I love how it looks with a crop top. Think of it as ‘party on the top, business on the bottom.’

If you are curvy make sure to wear a crop top that will hit you at the end of your rib cage or right at your waist! Pair with a body conscious pencil skirt and you will achieve that hourglass figure!
Petite ladies, the key to making this trend work for you are by pairing a boxier cut crop top with high-waist trousers. The boxier cut paired with trousers will elongate your body and give off a more structured look.

Long and lanky ladies, the trick to working this trend is making sure you pair a crop top that hits you right at the waist! Pair with a long and flowy skirt or a pair of boyfriend jeans and you will be good to go! Showing the mid-section and end of your rib cage will elongate your body even more!

Busty ladies! It can be a bit terrifying barring it all with a crop top but luckily there is a lil’ thing called the bustier. These bustier versions of crop tops will hold it all in!

It doesn’t have to bare skin. Thankfully! Sure, your crop top can lift a little, but this summer they’re just long enough to hit your pant/skirt/short waist band. It won’t cover it, but at least it won’t be over your belly button.

I hope these tips help you to feel a little more confident about trying out the crop top trend. The shorter crop tops are definitely made for the brave among us.  Are you going to try this daring spring style?

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Fashion Trend For Spring Summer 2014: METALLIC

You don't have to wait for that evening party to pull out your metallics! This season, try metallics for the day too.  One trend that I am falling for is wearing metallic clothing. Metallics instantly add some shine and girliness to your look. It adds a little edge to your look.  
Metallic used as accessories, like shoes and bags, has been a trend that has been going on for years and will continue for this Spring/Summer 2014.   For this season designers sent models down the runway looking like 70s disco dolls slash robots, draped in metallic fabrics from liquid textures to stiff structured thick ones.  Here are my tips for wearing the trend:

Don’t be afraid to wear it in the day. Pair metallic with denim.

Metallic skirts look ridiculously fabulous paired with basic topsstriped tees and a simple blazer.  For a night out, a metallic skirt is a great way to dress up a look. It's an elegant look is great for a night out where a formal cocktail dress isn't necessary but a slightly smarter look is needed. A metallic skirt can look great with something as simple as a basic turtleneck sweater, tights and boots.

Metallic jackets are a real statement piece. Worn night or day they can completely transform even an all black outfit into something that stands out from the crowd. It's better to keep the rest of your look subdued.  The metallic trend is given a new life with amazing shades, that's why you can combine it with ripped jeans, plain white tees, pleated trousers, plain dresses and other stylish pieces and accessories.

Metallic shorts and trousers, now these are perfect for a night out, for a fun casual but kinda glamorous evening when you wanna look effortlessly super hot. Metallic pants add a bit of luxury to the everyday outfit, taking your look from ordinary to extraordinary.  Make sure your metallic bottoms are not too tight.  Keep it simple. Your metallic pants should be the highlight of your outfit, no need to wear items that complete with them. 

Metallic Shirts are by far my favorites, in that liquid fabric with a half tuck, they’d even be office appropriate. A metallic shirt adds a bit of rock and roll bling to plain jeans.  keep the bottom plain and in solid colours. 

Metallic dresses Every woman should have at least one metallic dress. They are trendy and dressy which can be worn for a night out on the town, weddings, office parties and special occasions. Team with minimal accessories and the right shoe, you will sure to get heads turning. 

If you don’t want to go all out, try adding metallic shoes, bags or nail varnish to liven up a simple outfit.  Metallic accessories to elevate the effect of neutrals. Pair shiny gold or silver with black, whites, grey or beige and see the outfit come to life.

There's a fine line between tasteful and tacky. So when wearing a metallic, which makes such a bold impact on its own, leave the jewelry at home. Let nature do its work. When wearing shine, it's best not to compete.

Do you like this trend? how do you wear your metallic pieces?
tell us by leaving a comment below.
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Spring/Summer 2014 fashion trend: The Kimono

Kimonos are all the rage these days and they’re everywhere! Having featured on the Spring Summer 2014 catwalks for high end designers, the kimono has hit the high street and is set to be a really big trend for the summer season.  It’s a very easy piece to wear and styling it is just as easy.

The kimono, which essentially is a lightweight jacket, has become very popular among many women.  This lightweight outerwear is currently replacing the basic cardigan.  The hippie trend is versatile because you can wear it to work, the beach, or a night out on the town!  Work with colours found in your kimono. To help pull together your entire look.

The kimono is a great alternative to a blazer or jacket for the warmer months. To avoid looking boxy and unshapely, team it with slim or tighter fitting clothes underneath!  Try wear the kimono with skinny jeans, heels and a simple tee. It means you can have fun with the print and let the kimono do the talking. It’s also a great way to introduce colour into an otherwise simple look!

For a luxurious and dressed up look, kimonos can be styled with a silky slip dress and heeled sandals. Or, try a more fitted dress with wedge heels. They also make sense with jumpers and rompers.
Kimonos that have fringe are a personal favorite of mine, as they remind me of that chic 1960s hippy look.  Whether you are attending a music festival, or you just want to give off that boho glow in your city, a fringed kimono is the way to go.

Besides being trendy, a kimono can also be really useful when you are at the beach or at the pool. Wear it to cover yourself up a little bit, over your swimsuit, or when you move to the bar area. Super elegant!!

As summer transitions to fall, you can be sure the kimono fashion trend will last. Ankle booties and leggings will make perfect companions to this piece, especially when accompanied by a long-sleeved T-shirt layered underneath.

Below you can see some outfit ideas with a kimono to inspire you to wear a kimono this Spring/Summer. 

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