The Metallic Temporary Tattoo Trend

Obsessed is not a bigger enough of a word to describe my passion for this latest trend. The metallic temporary tattoo has come out of nowhere and taken the accessory world by storm. Or is it jewelry? Or body art? Perhaps this trend is a little bit of everything, including fabulous! 

From what i can tell, Flash Tattoos and Lulu DK began selling them, then this trend developed a life of its own. These shiny beauties would amp up any festival look or beachside ensemble, and I think these tats are simply too good to pass up!

What Are Metallic Jewelry Temporary Tattoos?

Metallic Jewelry Temporary Tattoos are sheets of designs printed with metallic gold and silver foil (sometimes accompanied with black ink) that can be easily adhered to any body part by dabbing water on the backside. You simply cut out the particular design you would like to use, peel off the protective plastic cover, and place it face-down on whatever area you want the jewelry tattoos to be located. You them take a cloth or paper towel, soak it in water, and wet the backside of the paper. After a few moments, you peel off the paper, and you now have a gorgeous, shiny temporary jewelry tattoo on your body. To take them off, you simply pour some baby oil or rubbing alcohol onto a cloth, and they come off fairly easily.
Aside from their brilliant shine that mimics the look of jewelry, another great feature of these new metallic temporary tattoos is that they are waterproof and last up to a week. The fact that they do not come off with water has made them very popular at beaches and pools for girls who would like to accessorize without being weighed down with physical jewelry.
The best part? They offer the appeal of body art without the long-lasting impacts of being inked for life.  It is certainly a product that you are sure to absolutely love! Need some convincing, see below for inspiration below.

What do you think of this trend? is it something you would try?
tell us by leaving a comment.
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Trend Watch: Neoprene

So what's the story behind the futuristic spongy material neoprene, made from synthetic rubber, that we've been seeing a lot of in recent times?  No longer just the stuff of swimwear and scuba wetsuits, neoprene has fast become a fashion favourite and is kind of like the leather of summer.  Neoprene—the soft, flexible material once relegated to scuba gear and laptop sleeves—has found a fashionable place as a summer staple, with top designers taking the fabric out of the water and putting it on the runways. With its strong and defined lines, spongy neoprene creates architectural shapes with a futuristic finish.  Further distancing neoprene from its typical sporty use, designers are fashioning bonded versions by fusing it with brushed felt, wool, and velvet.

When styling neoprene, there are two ways to go. It should either fit like a glove or have a slightly architectural feel to it. This way, you can make the most of this unique fabric without it looking awkward.  The unique fabric allows for a wrinkle-free, bold structure that is Perfect in a skater skirt, oversized coat, thick jumper, or structural crop. No matter how you choose to wear it, neoprene will earn you major fashion cred points! One thing to keep in mind is that neoprene was designed to absorb water and keep you warm. Just make sure to get it dry cleaned if you sweat in it.

Not sure how to incorporate the neoprene trend into your wardrobe? see below for some of our picks.

So what do you think about the neoprene trend? Will you give it a try this season? Tell us below.
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As if we couldn't get enough denim in our lives, the denim skirt has made it’s way back from the 90’s in full force! This might be a flashback to your childhood, but don’t let that scare you from giving the denim skirt a second chance.   It’s interesting how an item that was once mainstream, but fell out of fashion, can come back years later.

When styled the right way, a denim skirt can look effortlessly chic and put-together.  As of matter of fact, I’m loving the updated silhouette on today’s denim skirt, and it really is one of those trend you can wear in the colder months as well.  The current skirts come in a variety of silhouettes—fit and flared, slim and straight, and the list goes on—so it’s important to find one that perfectly flatters your shape.

While denim shorts are still very much in, I'm so pleased to see the denim skirt return to the mix. The rules of pairing with a denim skirt are very much the same for that of denim shorts, after all, both items go with just about anything.

Pare down the toughness of a denim skirt by teaming it with a feminine blouse with subtle lace detailing.

A denim skirt designed in a twirly skater cut style is fresh, feminine and summer-appropriate. Pair it with a tucked in white tee and then layer it up with a denim jacket in a darker blue. 
Midi skirts are all the rage this year. Partner a denim midi full skirt with a striped cropped top, sneakers and a pair of statement round sunglasses for a look that is contemporary.
Don’t limit yourself to one denim piece when you can chuck on a denim hat to flaunt your love for all-things denim.
Update your denim look by pairing it with current styles like denim on denim, a cropped sweater or oversized clutch . The possibilities are endless when it comes to something this versatile.   Like your growing supply of jeans, chances are you’ll want the denim skirt in every shade—even with distressed details. 

It can be ladylike just as easy as it can be rock 'n' roll — it's all how you style it. Here, a few takes on the newest addition to your closet—you’ll wonder how you lived without them:

What do you think of the denim skirt trend? Would you wear it? If so, which denim skirt style do you see yourself wearing? Do you go for the mini, midi or maxi? Share below and let us know!
Did you know that the first denim skirts were made by hippies in the 1960s who came up with the idea of turning old denim jeans into long denim skirts?
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