Sportswear inspired fashion trends

Sporty fashion has always been with us,  even if you're not really athletic.  
We're now talking luxe sportswear, light-as-air fabrics, sleek silhouettes, and lively bursts of colour,  chic, sporty ensembles that you'd never actually wear to play sports, but would wear to convey your active, on-the-go lifestyle,  by taking performance fabrics and fusing them with feminine lines.  There is a spirit of athleticism in the air and fashion is on a fitness streak.

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Nail Art!

Put your creative skills to a test and experiment with some of these funky fresh nail art trends.

Gray Nail Polish I love gray nails. Gray is definitely the new black when it comes to manicure trends. Metallic together with matte tones will have an equally magical effect on your manicure. 


Cracked Nail polish is super trendy at the moment.  it was a huge trend for nail art fanatics about a decade ago.  By 2011 the trend had exploded into the most popular form of nail art and has grown into fantastic trend   for the season

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Bold Nail Color Colorful nail art is a must have trend this season.  Cheer up your look with a splash of color and drop black and other neutrals for orange, golden hues, blue and green. 


Printed Nails are an extension of your outfit, and can compliment it, adding that extra flare of style and fun to any outfit or any occasion. from flowers to spots, tiger printed, striped, patterns and funky manicures, its all about the nails! 


Nude Nail Polish Nude is the name of the game if you wish to sport a natural looking and barely there nail polish color.  Flip through the newest nail varnish collections on the market and stick to the palettes that include the various shades of nude and beige as well as other creamy tone.


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Super Stylish stockings and tights

Stockings and tights are a must have for your wardrobe for Winter.  These items are here to make a statement, upgrade or downgrade your outfit, and add sexiness - whatever you feel like, whichever time of day, whatever your age, taste or size you are.  You can start giving away your pants shelf and make room for the tights, footless tights, stocking and all hosiery items, they all hot this season.  Make sure you get tights that fit properly.  Few things are more annoying than having to pull your tights up all day.  Team them up with shorts, skirts, dresses, or chunky knit jerseys.  They are awesome to have, keep an eye out for them, and be sure to get yourself some.

Black tights are a winter essential – not only do they cover up a few figure flaws but they keep your legs warm and go perfectly with everything in your closet.  But why settle for ordinary tights, when you can add a more stylish touch with gold or silver, various colour patterns or unique print elements on them?

Colourful Print Tights are an easy way to complement the season’s standard palette of black, brown and grey. They add playful style to the office, weekend or night time looks, and the prints add this extra-touch of unique style and look.  Experiment with the different styles of printed leggings.


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Lady in RED - fashion colours

We all love red, because it dazzles and demands attention.  Red is passionate, feminine and bold.  the colour of romance and the fact that red takes centre stage on and off the catwalks this season. From mixed berry shades to a true blood red, this is the colour to fall head over heels for. Romantic accents of red bring life to any neutral palette or, if you’re fierce enough to make a statement, go for head-to-toe red.

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Metallics can be daring and now the fashion news is that next season is going to be all about shine, sparkle and shimmer with hints of silver and flashes of gold. Metallic jeans - nicknamed ‘bling jeans’ and are selling fast in Topshop and Zara. Remember that metallic jeans are best for pulling off this trend, because you can tone down the rest of your outfit and keep it neutral and simplistic. 

- For day-wear, team metallic jeans or skirts with an understated jumper or jersey top. A metallic  T-shirt adds a bit of rock and roll bling to plain jeans. 

- Do not team metallic trousers and top. Ever.

- If you don’t want to go all out, try adding metallic shoes, bags or nail varnish to liven up a simple outfit.

So keep a look out for these  jeans!!  If you don't want to buy, get creative and create your own in the comfort of your own home, its quick, easy and you'll have a fab pair of new jeans. 

 DIY: Silver Metallic Jeans

Here are the steps:  

1. You would need an old pair of grey or black jeans, silver/gold, white and black metallic fabric paint, clear varnish, and a sponge brush. 

2. Start painting with the silver paint. The paint does not need to be evenly distributed and cover all of the surface area as uneven blotches is part of the charm.



3. Blend the silver with black and white paint. Paint on top of the first silver coat. Use vertical strokes and try to blend the colours together.



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